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Having always had a great familiarity with the tools of drawing and sculpture, I was not surprised to learn later that Gina had taken the passion of 'art image, which is photography. He has devoted his energy to five years and books documenting his impressions, feelings, curiosity, anger and emotion, as he traveled the world photographing animals and flowers, men and women, and especially the children, including poor and sad faces showed that she was dreaming
of a sculpture as a symbol of cruelty and suffering in the world.

By Maurizio Calvesi University
"La Sapienza", Rome.

Photography Books


Life” and “Time” magazines discovered Gina’s talent as a photographer and commissioned her to produce a book in Italy. In order to photograph the wonders of her native land undisturbed, Gina traveled around Italy for two and a half years in the guise of an odd and original tourist. Vittorio De Sica changed the title form La mia Italia to Italia Mia, which is certainly more poetic. The work took nearly three years. Gina got out of the contact on various grounds and produced the book herself. It was an enormous success with the critics and the general public, selling nearly 300,000 copies and being translated into practically every language. It won the Nadar International Prize for the best book of the year.

(in the picture Gina in disguise posing by the Leaning Tower while working on Italia mia. Pisa, 1968)

Photography means discovering the world and oneself, filtering reality through your own feelings with creativity and a touch of imagination” - Gina Lollobrigida

Italia Mia

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